We've been living with our 30,000+ black and yellow neighbours for a few weeks now, and I must say, they've been super busy.

They seem to have settled in and adapted to their new neighbourhood well, they keep themselves to themselves and haven't upset anyone (we know about).

We check on them regularly and are happy to report that the honeycomb building is well underway. The weather has been pretty conducive to pollen and nectar collection so we could be on track for some City Hive Society Honey as soon as 2016.

In the beEginning

An elite group of brave RKH folks have signed up for something rather extreme, they’ll be putting their lives in danger for the pleasure of others, they’ll dedicate moments of time honing their skills until they are rewarded with the ultimate prize - honey!

Yep, the crack team (aka Hive Society) have been busy constructing a collection of hives; now located in a secret rooftop location, in readiness for our precious delivery of bees.

Our very own designated Master Beekeeper, Mat Ots, will don his crisp white uniform and doing what he needs to do to keep our bees happy. We’ll be having keeper days to share the experience and when the honey finally arrives, we’ll host another of our Handcrafted Evenings dedicated to the precious golden nectar.