What’s it like to work in PR? Alanna shares her thoughts with local students


When nearing the end of GCSEs and final exams, students are often faced with the tough challenge of figuring out what to do next.

To help inform that decision a little more, PR Account Manager Alanna was recently invited to The Market Bosworth School; where she delivered a Careers Talk for pupils aged 13-16 and currently in that position. The talks were held throughout the day and featured a series of inspirational presentations about an industry or career path the students may be interested in pursuing.

Here, Alanna tells us all about it:

My first question to the students was “does anyone here know what PR is?” and unsurprisingly not many could offer an answer. This is precisely the reason why exploring various career paths at this early stage of education is so valuable.

During the presentation I gave a brief outline of what the PR Account Manager’s role within an agency is, and also explored some real world examples of where PR campaigns have succeeded or failed and why. As part of this we also discussed why brand reputation is your biggest priority and how you can put together a strategy to uphold or improve this. Crisis communication is also a big part of what we do here at RKH, so I explained the importance of working under pressure and how preparation is key when unpredictable situations arise.

To end the session, I ran through the types of skills that would be best suited for a role in PR and let the students ask questions, so they could discover whether it’s a sector they’d consider working within in the future.

Next month I’ll be heading back to The Market Bosworth School for a Careers Evening, where myself and other industry professionals will be undertaking mock interviews with year 10 students; providing them with useful job-preparation experience.

Our ongoing work as part of the school’s Careers Programme will hopefully give the pupils a better insight into how the world of PR works and who knows, maybe one day they may even apply for a job here at RKH!