5 reasons why businesses should go bravely into the Google Adwords light

Long gone are the days of searching through printed directories or classified ads to find a product or service. Consumers are increasingly heading online for advice and guidance on purchasing decisions, so it’s hardly surprising that advertising budgets are following suit.

But how do you know where’s best to invest? The options are almost endless - banner ads, SEO, retargeting campaigns, search marketing...

There are many wise ways to use your budget (and some foolish ones) but Google AdWords is one platform that, we believe, you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Your customers are there
(and they’re there a lot)

Google has dominated the search engine world for a number of years and it just keeps getting stronger. So far in 2015, Google has seen almost 66 per cent of the market share for desktop searches - a seemingly impressive total until you realise that the figure rises to more than 92% for mobiles and tablets!

Plus, 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day. Now we might be able to put a fair few of those down to cat videos, hypochondria and questionable relationship advice, but it’s safe to say that your customers are using Google and they’re using it a lot.

2. It’s good on a budget, any budget

Your marketing budget may be rather limited or it could resemble the GDP of a small country. Either way, AdWords can be a cost-effective method of driving traffic to your website.

As it’s a pay-per-click service, you won’t waste money on advertising to people who don’t end up seeing what you’ve got to say. And you control the spend, so there’s no danger of going over budget.

3. It's black and white

Tracking the effectiveness of an advertising campaign can be a challenge. After all, how can you really be sure that your beautiful, eye-catching adverts have really led to greater awareness or an increase in sales?

With AdWords it’s simple. You can easily assess the response your ads are getting and set goals, such as a user downloading a form, clicking a link or making a purchase. Whatever the purpose of your campaign, AdWords will help you to track it.

4. It can help to show you where you’re
going wrong

It might seem like your AdWords campaign is going swimmingly. You’ve picked the right keywords and you’re getting lots of clicks, but for some reason the sales just aren’t there.

One of the beauties of AdWords is that you can connect the platform to Google Analytics and all of the investigative power that brings. You can track the journey a customer takes from landing on your page, right through to purchase. Are they dropping straight off your website or do they get through to the shopping trolley and suddenly leave? Analytics will help you find out.

5. You’re not just throwing everything at it and hoping something will stick

Traditional advertising puts your brand in front of lots of people who may or may not be interested in what you’ve got to sell. AdWords is completely different.

You’re not only targeting people who are searching for clearly defined, relevant terms; you can also decide exactly who sees your advert. Whether you want to find people in a certain location, within a particular age range or speaking a specific language, it’s all possible.

So whether you’re already a PPC pro or you’re just starting to consider online advertising, don’t overlook the value of Google AdWords.