5 apps to help you stay productive in 2016

How are those New Year's resolutions going, still sticking to them? Are you feeling more productive? No, neither am I.

It seems so long since Christmas, when my days consisted of eating chocolate, devouring cheese and drinking wine in my monkey dressing gown. I tried to sustain a healthy detox in January. It didn't last long. After all, our RKH 4pm tea time wouldn't be the same without a few caramel digestives.

Whether you’re still trying to stick to an overly complicated diet or just have a task you keep forgetting, everyone wants to be a little more productive.

To stay on track here at RKH, each of us in the office use a variety of apps to help us stick to our deadlines. Here are several tools the RKH team couldn’t live without, to help you stay productive throughout 2016:

1. Codekit

Regarded as a swiss army knife for web developers. Andy Babic uses this Mac-based coding application for its ability to compile all the cutting-edge languages like Less, Stylus, Sass and CoffeeScript. He loves how the ability to perform live browser reloads saves time switching between multiple applications with everything you need in one handy, easy to use program.

2. Evernote

A fantastic note taking tool, Ian uses Evernote for meeting notes, thoughts, ideas and more. As notes are synced across devices and easy to share, it’s easy for Ian to stay organised wherever he is. Ian even trusted Evernote to draft, refine and then finally give his wedding speech using the simple presentation mode!

3. Font Explorer X Pro

Our Designer, Mike uses this tool to manage his vast library of weird and wonderful fonts. Mike’s huge collection of fonts has been tamed thanks to the ability to enable/disable fonts and divide them amongst categories. This app is perfect for designers who want to spend less time searching for the right font.

4. Todoist

Used daily by Will (and now many other members of the team), this application will rid your desk of that plague of sticky notes. With a handy iPhone application to swiftly add new tasks and daily reminders straight to your inbox, you’ll never forget to send that email or pick up milk on your way home.

5. Trello

This web-based project management application keeps all of our advertising & design jobs flowing in and out of the studio. As well as preventing our Project Manager, Pete from going crazy.

What tools do you use to stay productive?

We’d love to hear and if we get 5 more great productivity tools posted as comments or sent to us on Facebook/Twitter, I’ll share a photo of me in my monkey dressing gown.